I’ve taken a bit of a break from freelance and blog writing but will get to it here and there. I have decided to focus my efforts on my novel series and I hope to finish the first book before I head off to Maine to work at a summer camp. During camp, I will have very limited time to write but will come back with the inspiration to kickstart some serious blogging.

Biking around Mackinac Island in spring 2018. Photo by Benjamin Scott Photography


I’ve traveled a lot in 2017 and have gone through many internal changes. I’ve discovered a strong importance on the quality of character in others and what type of friends I really wanted. Before digging deep, I had been hanging on to unhealthy friendships with people for the sake of having them around. There are always going to be people rooting for you and against you and over the last year I’ve learned how to decipher between the two types of friends. You can only give so much of yourself away and instead of spreading myself thin- I’m spending my time with people I care about and that care about me. It’s not worth it to do anything but the rather.


Sea Shell City, MI


If you allow people to eat you alive- they will. Take time to step back, forgive, never forget, and move forward with your life. You can’t let set-ups, rumors, or failures consume your life because we all have the potential to be great. When you know that you’re genuine and good- stand your ground. I took a trip back to a place I know well, Mackinac Island. The fresh air, clear blue lakes, and magnificent bridge reminded me of the love I have for the place and who I used to be- a people pleaser. I used to care so much about what others thought and would go out of my way to befriend everyone despite toxicity. The island has remained the same, but I have not and having this constant made my inner growth clear.


Lake Bennet, Chilkoot Trail, Alaska


When you know who you are, what you stand for, and what you won’t tolerate anymore- you become empowered. This is my message for all of you out there who have ever been a victim of being put down so that others can gain from it. Don’t wallow and let them win. Rise above it and stand up for those around you who may be going through it. It’s all about loving one another, but you also have to love yourself and be the best you.

Lean on those who are there for you and recognize them. The people who truly love you are the only ones that really matter. Be genuine, be kind, and be you. 

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