Hi Everyone! Thanks for checking out my first post.

Yes, I have in fact jumped on the bandwagon and started a traveling blog. It’s been suggested to me in the past, but I came up with a million different excuses why it wasn’t worth creating one.

So, why now?

Freelance writing. I was presented with an opportunity to freelance write for the Travelista Club and this blog will double as a portfolio of my published articles. If you’re a travel reader make sure to check them out!

SF5.jpg (Photo by Benjamin Scott Photography)

Most of the photos that I will be posting are either from my iPhone 7 or by Benjamin Scott. To look into more of his work you can follow his blog or on his Instagram.

Ever thought about freelance writing? I recommend a site I was recently approved for called Contena. They have thousands of jobs in almost any category you could think of. If you are just getting started like me– there are also training modules to help you build your writing career. No matter what you specialize in there are writing opportunities out there for you.

What about THIS blog?

If you love reading the inside scoop on seasonal work and traveling then this is a blog for you! I have worked in five seasonal positions throughout North America and on the way have met other fleeting vagabonds who have told their tales from across the globe. Majority of my articles will be my own stories, but there will be featured stories from friends who have had other amazing adventures the world should hear. Click here to learn more about me! 


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