I've taken a bit of a break from freelance and blog writing but will get to it here and there. I have decided to focus my efforts on my novel series and I hope to finish the first book before I head off to Maine to work at a summer camp. During camp, I will... Continue Reading →

Why I Wrote About Vacationers

  If you follow me on Facebook or Buzzfeed, you may have seen the article I wrote called, "The 15 People You'll Run Into on Vacation".     The title is self explanitory, it's about the different people you'll bump into while you're slurping up your oyster shots at the pub on the Oregon coast.... Continue Reading →

Road Trips: A Mini Guide

Seasonal employees generally have a month or two off before we need to be in our next location. Thus, long road trips are a great way to see the country while we make our way to the next gig. There are always amazing sites to see, but the road can be untamed and it's important to be prepared for what's to come! 


Yes, I have in fact jumped on the bandwagon and started a traveling blog. It's been suggested to me in the past, but I came up with a million different excuses why it wasn't worth creating one. So why now?

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